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Why hostile wit?

Hostile = nonconformist, skeptical, exposing, scrappy, defiant, saucy, offbeat. “Hostile” like that pair of  “hostile underwear” that attacks your crotch. Not “hostile” meaning unkind, bitter or malicious. 

 Witness = to be present, to affirm the truth, advocate, corroborate.

 Wit = insight, common sense, and humor. The stuff worth living for. 



% of white people who deny race gives them an advantage

Racial profiling alive and well in St. Louis

Amber Alert: snow shovel STOLEN A neighbor blasted the following email to 375 residents in my neighborhood: “About 15 minutes ago, I confronted a young man randomly going door-to-door through our neighborhood asking to shovel walks. He is carrying the snow shovel he...

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I have been spending too much time with teenagers

How do you know when you've been spending too much time with teenagers? When you start acting like them. Case in point: My teenage daughter is going to her first high school homecoming dance. Logic dictates that one should wait until you are within 24 hours of the...

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BlackLivesMatter Protest Friendship forged in fire

How many friendships forged in fire do you have? It is safe to say not "all kinds of folks" will stare down a thousand automobiles while standing on the highway holding your hand. It takes a certain type of person to do that. Like, a person who is a little bit crazy....

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