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Halfway Through Radiation Therapy

Halfway through radiation therapy We are half way through radiation, bitches! Even into my third week of treatment, the oddness of the whole experience washes over me every once in a while. Take today, for instance. Only one of my familiar crew was there for my treatment. Four or five other technicians were milling around […]


How Does Radiation Therapy Sound?

Radiation Therapy Sounds I tried to pay close attention to the sounds from my radiation therapy experience today. Sounds that we all take for granted, but lend themselves to our overall experience. While I’m actually in the radiation theater, there is a distinct white noise that permeates the room. The behemoth radiation machine that reminds me of […]


Hospital Parking Lots: Dawn of the Dead

Hospital Parking Lots Today’s radiation treatment went smoothly except for the parking garage was full. How does that happen? The entire hospital is full? The hospital parking garage is actually one of the worst parts of my whole cancer experience. I’m not normally a road rage sort of person, but there is something about people going […]


A Children’s Birthday Party

I love a well-executed Children’s Birthday Party. The twins turned eight a few days ago (“I forget what eight was for…”) so we were overwhelmed all weekend with birthday festivities. Birthdays do not wait for swollen balls, I’m afraid. Husband, Stephanie (anxious to pay back my bathing suited carcass outing a few weeks back at her daughter’s birthday […]