DISCOVERY: Health & Stigma

Credit: Banksy

I am a Hostile Witness to the barriers to treatment for mental, chronic, physical, and community health. If a trained advocate like me has this much trouble navigating the opaque system, the rest of you are fucked. Let’s unfuck the barriers together.

I’m Waiting For the Cancer Call

Waiting for the Cancer Call First off, I have had A LOT of caffeine, so hold on. Also, it’s my birthday. It is also Prince’s birthday and Tom Jones’ birthday. We’re all going for Sundowners later. It’s Tom’s turn to pay. I’m one of those annoying people who loves everyone else’s birthday and likes to skulk […]


Don’t Call Me Brave: Last Day of Radiation

Don’t Call Me Brave. I don’t know why I feel drawn to Quentin Tarantino movies on this day, my last day of radiation. I’ve spent the last twenty minutes trying to find an appropriate quote from a Quentin Tarantino movie to commemorate my last day of radiation but I got bogged down by all the killing and maiming dialogue. I’ve […]


Halfway Through Radiation Therapy

Halfway through radiation therapy We are half way through radiation, bitches! Even into my third week of treatment, the oddness of the whole experience washes over me every once in a while. Take today, for instance. Only one of my familiar crew was there for my treatment. Four or five other technicians were milling around […]


How Does Radiation Therapy Sound?

Radiation Therapy Sounds I tried to pay close attention to the sounds from my radiation therapy experience today. Sounds that we all take for granted, but lend themselves to our overall experience. While I’m actually in the radiation theater, there is a distinct white noise that permeates the room. The behemoth radiation machine that reminds me of […]


Hospital Parking Lots: Dawn of the Dead

Hospital Parking Lots Today’s radiation treatment went smoothly except for the parking garage was full. How does that happen? The entire hospital is full? The hospital parking garage is actually one of the worst parts of my whole cancer experience. I’m not normally a road rage sort of person, but there is something about people going […]


Eve Before Radiation Treatment

Luxury: Eve Before Radiation Treatment I spent a delightful hour on the stair stepper this morning with all the other resolutionaries except that the guy next to me could not go more than twenty seconds without staring at the blue lines below my clavicle (handy word, that). I thought he might injure himself he was […]


Prep for Radiation: Skin Mark-up

Girl with the London Tube Map Tattoo: Prep for Radiation It was a wild visit with my radiation oncologist this week. I popped in for my radiation simulation not knowing exactly what to expect. What I didn’t expect was to leave with seven tattoos and a rendering of the blue line and the red line from the London […]