RELEVANCE: Culture & Relationships

Nobody likes me Banksy
Credit: Banksy

REVELANCE in life is wondering if you matter at all. Are you living an authentic life? Do you make the world a better place, or at least provide comic relief? What’s your connection with others? Do you evolve?


$ Free Toilet $

Third bathroom post in a week! I’m on a roll! (of toilet paper. Snicker) It’s bulky item week in my neighborhood which means you’re supposed to drag big items to the curb for someone to take away. At the last minute, I decided to drag an old ceiling fan, some light fixtures, the remains of […]


Deleted Scene: Lithuania Airport

From Lithuania With Love: Lithuania Airport Another deleted scene from the book pertained to a business trip I took when working as in-house counsel for The Williams Companies. I originally wrote the “From Lithuania With Love” series as a short story, and it read like that in the book. London, frankly, was a bit of a […]


Look Kids! Tequila Gun Bottles

Family Fun With Tequila Gun Bottles Tequila packaged as a shotgun sort of speaks for itself. I’m relieved they included a shot glass, because it seems tacky to swig the tequila straight from the barrel of a glass rifle. There was a twenty-something aged kid eyeballing the display in Sam’s Club when I was snapping […]


Jesus Loves Me

When I looked outside my window today, this is what I saw: Does this make you smile or give you the heeby-jeebs? It rather gives me the willies. Why does Jesus care anything about my neighbor’s tree trimming? Might not Jesus be a little prickly about putting his name on services whose business it is […]


Bullshit Bingo-Family Edition

Are you familiar with the Corporate world’s Bullshit Bingo game? The concept is that you and your co-workers scurry into yet another department meeting. But this time several of you are in possession of a Bullshit Bingo card with maddening over-used phrases like “At the end of the day”, “synergies”, and “think outside the box” […]


The End

I have been 3/4’ths of the way through the following books for months: A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson Rewired, edited by my friend Stephanie Abbajay The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Lit by Mary Karr The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing I will submit to you […]