RELEVANCE: Culture & Relationships

Nobody likes me Banksy
Credit: Banksy

REVELANCE in life is wondering if you matter at all. Are you living an authentic life? Do you make the world a better place, or at least provide comic relief? What’s your connection with others? Do you evolve?


I Do Not Like Rude Neighbors

How to Spot a Rude Neighbor The houses in my neighborhood were erected over 100 years ago, which is to say before most families owned cars and before the craze of “talkies” invaded the silver screen. Parking in the street is therefore a precious commodity since most houses do not have driveways. Ever since the […]


I Need A Smartass Phone

 My Smartass Phone Should Do More I love my smartphone. It completes me. It preserves my honor by alerting me to appointments I may have otherwise forgotten. I am an actual slave to the icalendar. It houses 800+ contacts for my instant perusal. It is literally music to my ears. I get most of my […]


Caffeine Pills Scare Me

Caffeine Pills Scare Me: You Take The Red Pill A friend visited me in November last year and left a red caffeine pill at my house. I stored it on the kitchen cabinet shelf with the glasses so I’m reminded of it every time I’m thirsty. I’m a little sensitive to caffeine and not a […]


How Do You Handle Rejection?

How Do You Handle Rejection? I’m having trouble controlling my inner dialogue lately and have been quite unkind to myself. Silly Shame spiral. I had a couple of disappointments the last few days. Nothing big; another rejection from a publisher, but this time with feedback. “Story and storytelling nothing new” “Well-trodden narrative ground” “Clunky dialogue” […]


I Was a Human Guinea Pig

That’s right. I was a Human Guinea Pig I  spent a few weeks ago that only an unemployed person could have. All you employed people with your utility-paying ways and new shoes, consider this a taunt. I would never have taken a day off work to spend a day like I spent. The elementary school […]