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Parenting teenagers is exhausting. HostileWit addresses parenting pseudo neuro-typical girls and a son on the autism spectrum with a side of seizure disorder.  The children are equal parts maddening and astonishing. Let’s share parenting triumphs and family idiocy together.

Caffeine Pills Scare Me

Caffeine Pills Scare Me: You Take The Red Pill A friend visited me in November last year and left a red caffeine pill at my house. I stored it on the kitchen cabinet shelf with the glasses so I’m reminded of it every time I’m thirsty. I’m a little sensitive to caffeine and not a […]


Melted Snowman Succumbs To Elements

Melted Snowman Found Dead BREAKING NEWS: (St. Louis, MO) Snow Boy, Snow Girl Couple Declared Dead On a day when Christians remembered the resurrection of Jesus from his cave thingy, the fate of one local St. Louis snow couple was sealed forever when temperatures reached upwards of sixty degrees fahrenheit for several hours. “The sun just […]


Outlook Poor For Melting Snow Couple

UPDATE ON MELTING SNOW COUPLE: (St. Louis, MO) Melting Snow Couple Gasping Last Breaths Concerned neighbors have been upset for the last few days hoping the melting snow couple in their neighbor’s yard will somehow pull through, despite warmer climates expected all this week. “At this point,” Neighbor Nelson advised, “the only thing that could save […]


Slow Death for Melting Snow Man Snow Woman

Outlook Poor for Melting Snow Man Snow Woman (St. Louis, MO) Friends and neighbors of murder victims, Miss America Snow Girl, and Pirate Cop Snow Boy, both age 1 week, were very upset that the melting snow man and snow woman remains of the four foot tall victims have not been properly disposed. “There isn’t […]


Feel Good Story For The Day

Feel Good Story My first husband, Dave, had not only good taste in women, but also in acoustic guitars. He played them all the time. My children inherited his beautiful guitars after their father died in 2006. Rowan was four years old. I’ve been saving the guitars, of which there are three, hoping one or […]


Blogging About My Cat

It Has Come To This: I’m Blogging About My Cat What do you blog about when you don’t feel like blogging, the world seems like a place gone mad, and the curve balls all seem to be hitting you in the face? You blog about your CAT!  The Bloggess blogs about her cats on a regular […]


What’s Your Parenting Style?

Parenting Style What is your parenting style? Which kind of parent are you? Are you permissive or punitive? Are you egalitarian or authoritarian? Are you uncomfortable discussing certain topics with your children? Because I don’t find many topics I’m uncomfortable talking to my kids with. Poor dears. My husband thinks I’m going to make their […]